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QR code & NFC chipped products for the modern traveller- scan or tap

in 2009 we helped boost sales in one single Mitre10 store by over A$360,000 via our My Local Card concept. Soon we will introduce a reward card for visitors, helping support local businesses as we all tackle the problems that COVID has thrown at us.

Our group has been involved in digital Visitor Guides & Local Guides for over 20 Years now and have been using QR codes for over 10 years, long before COVID came along. In 2020, we have rolled out over 900 special touchless QR coded stickers into hotel rooms and holiday apartments in Port Stephens, as alternatives to compendiums. Soon, we are rolling out another 1,082 stickers to Mid North Coast hotel rooms and then 1,026 into Port Macquarie. We will then link all 3,000+ together.

Under our group, we have various websites to cover different services but they are all linked together to create a massive network of QR coded links. From sign in's to hotel rooms and visitor reward cards- we link them all to make it easier for the end user - from the comfort of their hotel. is used for collecting various different paper based brochures and leaflets, digitalising them into the cloud and then delivering back down as guides, straight into the smartphones of visitors & locals, via QR codes and NFC chips.
We 'rkive' them into the cloud - Rkive In.

2,200 rooms x 2 people a week x 52 = 228,800 potential page views once fully rolled out. is used by us to deliver more than just a 'before you enter' QR code scan. Businesses that need to take these details down, can choose a customised URL, which makes it easier to remember and easier to scan, but still links to the current system they use.
Here is an example:
There are 2,000 custom names available and are on a first come first served basis.
We then link your QR code into the network of 2,200+ room stickers as we roll them out.

Our Reward Card

Launching October:
Our Visitor Reward Card.

Based on our successful My Local Card concept, each card has a QR code to scan on the back for reward outlets, plus each card has an NFC chip embedded which can be tapped by a smartphone, to store all of their holiday photos, for easy to find access.

We will use our network of 2,200+ QR codes to further drill down to an even more micro level of local search, to drive support for local businesses and as a thank you to those who buy the card, for their support. A business can register a reward which will be promoted heavily around the site, so we can help steer visitors towards these rewards. If you are a visitor looking for a coffee, where do you go? Offer a reward and it helps in their choice - Make it simpler & easier for them. Again, these are all linked together. Cards cost A$20 each, with A$5 going to support local causes (card sellers choose). Valid till Sept 2021 and usable from Port Stephens to Port Macquarie.

Everything connects- From a sign in QR code scan, a hotel room QR scan or room key tap and a scan of a reward card- one big connected network that is Uber in its field of Visitor and Local guides.

Room stickers come in sheets of 25 and are printed on vinyl, are food grade quality and wont fade or scratch. Specially made to order for us from America (unfortunately we can't find the same quality in Australia). They can go outside or inside and they can go through the dishwasher, without deteriorating .
Front and back of our rewards card- Qr code links back to rewards section of our guide and all 900+ room stickers. These are top quality cards and can be used for club memberships and to replace throw away yearly membership cards. We can custom design and order them starting at a min of 500.
Reception frames for 4 local accommodation places to compliment over 400 of our QR code room stickers. The Oaks, for example have 182 rooms that they look after at Salamander and 35+ in Nelson Bay and the Landmark have 125 room stickers.
Table stickers and the small round lion is an NFC chip that goes under them and becomes sealed under them by the stickers. This enables anyone who uses Apple Pay or Google pay to just tap the sticker instead of scanning them
They can go on glass as food grade standard
Two years of daily dishwashing testing and no fading and includes having a chip under the sticker. This allows you to tap the mug and your smartphone will do the rest
A simpler way of giving 'the same experience' poster
Table stickers with NFC chip to an editable landing page.