Over 2bn mobile phones are now NFC ready including iPhone 7 upwards and almost every Android post 2012.

To power Google Pay and Apple Pay a phone needs to have NFC

Over 30bn NFC chips will be deployed by 2020. The Revolution has started as payments & wallets become the next area of domination for Google and Apple.

We are at the forefront of the revolution, bringing simple solutions to everyday needs.

Our App combined with our proven systems will enable anyone in the world to become users of this technology, as we offer one of the worlds easiest levels to entry.

So simple to use

Over the last two years we have been building and applying our solutions to businesses and consumers on a small scale. We are now ready to move up the scale of our operations with the launch of our App in January 2020. The App will be free to download and used to generate and lock in information to 'off the shelf products', without the need for any technical knowledge and on an affordable subscription plan.

NFC Chipped card for UK client
Over 2bn phones are enabled

Via a simple Tap of a smartphone, our products can deliver real results without the need of an App to view.